Water Softening

Products Description:

Softening is an ion exchange process used to remove ions from the water that contribute to alkaline scale formation, primarily calcium and magnesium. As water containing these ions passes through the softening resin bed, the ions are exchanged with sodium ions residing on the surface of the resin. When no more sodium ions are left for this exchange process, the resin must be regenerated. Regeneration is accomplished with a brine solution of sufficient strength to cause an exchange between the sodium ions in the brine and the calcium and magnesium ions on the resin. Once regeneration is complete, the resin is ready to begin the softening cycle again.

Water Softening by Flocon Industries

Flocon Industries Water Softeners are designed for the removal of hardness, ammonia or both. The softeners are designed based on your effluent water quality required and the feed water analysis. Softeners can be provided individually or as part of a total water treatment solution. The control system for the water softener can be dedicated to the softener or part of a total system. Softener systems are designed specifically for your application using either fiberglass, PVC, lined carbon steel or stainless steel in the materials of construction.